Our Mission

To provide a well-rounded pre-elementary education that leads to a balanced cognitive, motor, emotional and social development for each child to build his/her character, using English as the primary medium
of Our Curriculum

Tried, improved, and proven resources (language arts, math, science, social studies, crafts, activities) created by the most revered and highly experienced Kindergarten teachers in America


Reading list of “must read” kindergarten or pre-school books recommended by the best teachers and librarians for students of this age for purposeful content


Use of various instructional approaches to meet the needs of the various learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, musical, natural, logical, etc.)

Mixture of guided, scaffolded, and independent methods of learning, reinforced through less academic homework material that can mostly be independently done


Language arts


Science/Social Studies

Sensorimotor activities

Learning Center activities (independent learning practice)

Opening and closing activities

Lunch/recess/free socialization time

Organized social activities (field trips, parties, etc.)